Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, a Pakistani model-turned-actress, bravely discussed her struggles with mental health on her Instagram Stories. She spoke up about the pain and suffering she had been through and said how difficult it was for her to accept where she was at the time.

Saheefa acknowledged the lack of empathy in the world while emphasising that possessing material possessions does not guarantee happiness. She underlined the need of giving others love, empathy, and self-care as nourishment for the spirit. She acknowledged her own difficulties while thanking everyone for their support, particularly her spouse.

In her Stories, she said, “Yes, I haven’t been myself lately, which is very hard for me to accept here.” I may or might not know the details of what happened, but I can’t talk about it without breaking down in tears. I’m in pain and in grieving, and I have a hard time getting through each day. I have given up, yes. I really can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is gloomy and black to me. I do, in fact, long for my own demise every day.

There hasn’t been a day in the last 60 that I haven’t sobbed or simply questioned everything, she added. While going through this pain and suffering, I lost 12 kg. Since eating has just not been an option, I have kept myself well-medicated so I can sleep off the pain. My family has made multiple efforts to help me, but I believe I must carry out my battle and confront my demons by myself. Nobody can intervene on my behalf to ease my misery.

Saheefa said in her letter, “I was just saying to a friend (through a voice message) that I have been leaving tiny hints to let the world know (if in the process I take my life away), [the] world has to become a nicer place). I don’t see any empathy, and I’m disgusted by how everything has been reduced to a means of generating income. The general public must also think that I am financially wealthy; how could she be suffering if I have everything? You know what, even though I’m writing this from a plush hotel in Dubai and laying in a plush bed, I’m still in severe pain.

In her letter, she hazarded, “I want everyone reading this to know, having a wonderful vehicle or a home or being able to spend anything or anything will not necessarily promise you pleasure. Your soul is your true residence, and it needs a certain kind of nourishment. You could feel more at ease as a result of it. Our soul doesn’t need money, notoriety, or a showy car. Our soul need love, compassion, and tender treatment. I don’t know what [the] future holds, and it goes without saying that I haven’t experienced the afterlife either (yet), but in accordance with my religious convictions, whatever there is, is in the present, and in this present, I want to be content, happy, and full. I have to rest. Saheefa, keep your distance. It would be really unwise to give up on your life. This too will pass. (As per normal).

The model followed by thanking everyone who had gotten in touch with her. “Thank you to everyone who sent me a direct message wishing me well, showing worry for me, or hoping for a quick recovery (I have read EVERY single one of them). It is because of people like you that our earth is livable. I am really appreciative of all the kindness you have shown. Please keep my family and I in your prayers. My family has been under a lot of stress lately, which is not something I would ever want.

Saheefa also said a special word of appreciation for her husband. And because I have no clue how he is doing everything by himself while living so far away, I just want to publicly thank my hubby. Observing your life partner’s hardships on a daily basis hurts. I understand your utter powerlessness and agree that it is terrible. Khizer, I’m unsure of what good deeds I’ve accomplished in my life to earn your support.

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