The Islamabad Court rejected Sundal Khattak’s motion for bail in relation to the leaked pornographic tapes involving Hareem Shah. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has taken custody of the accused. Additionally, the court turned down Khattak’s plea that it direct the FIA to sue Shah for allegedly defaming her on social media.

In Islamabad, a court heard the TikTokers’ case. Khattak, the defendant, and Shah, the plaintiff, both came in court with their respective attorneys. After hearing from both sides, Special Judge Central Azam Khan turned down Khattak’s application for bail.

Khattak asserts that Shah’s videos were neither created or released. She also pleaded for protection, alleging that Shah had been slandering her on social media and that she had been receiving threats against her life and an acid attack. She was told by the court to make a request to the local police force whose control she was under.

Shah had issued a statement in March in response to her personal recordings’ widespread online popularity. In a video, she claimed that the women she considered to be her friends were the ones who ‘leaked’ the film. Shah said that Khattak and Ayesha Naz, two of her former roommates, were behind the tapes that went viral. We formerly shared a house, so we used to spend a lot of time together. Shah says in the video, “They certainly had access to my phone and were aware of my passwords as a consequence.

She further said that she had reported to the Federal Investigation Agency about Naz. “FIA took no action against her, but I had my suspicions.”Shah said, “But I don’t really care about these films. Ayesha had also promised my other pals that she would expose my tapes.

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