KARACHI (Reuters) – Gunah, Adnan Sarwar’s criminal thriller, went viral on social media quickly after the first episode broadcast on a private entertainment channel. Fans praised the “exceptional” narrative and “stellar cast” of the six-episode limited series on Twitter.

Gunah centres on Malik Hayat Khan (Sarmad Khoosat), a powerful landowner who finds himself powerless when his wife, Gul Noor (Juggan Kazim), flees with Ahmed (Ali Raza), their boys’ tuition instructor. Seeking relief, Malik’s in-laws (Roohi Khan and Zafar Abbas) offer that he marry their other daughter Gul Meher (Saba Qamar), and despite his reservations, Malik accepts for the sake of his children who have been abandoned.

However, when a determined SHO Sabiha (Rabia Butt) joins the scene, difficulties develop. She starts looking into the matter and finds information that implies there is more to Gul Noor’s disappearance than meets the eye. While some people expressed their anticipation that the drama increases up speed, others remarked on how Khoosat and Butt were the stars of the first episode. Gunah, with its “gripping storyline and intense character dynamics,” seems to be this summer’s top drama for TV viewers.

“Gunah, wow, what a first episode!” one person tweeted. Suspense, mystery, and thriller. I really like the female cop. A fantastic cast. “I can’t wait to see the rest of it.”

Another user called the programme as a “slow-burn drama with a nostalgic touch,” similar to PTV’s classic shows.

A fan expressed gratitude to the production for bringing out new information on television. “I’m sick of seeing the same stuff on various networks. Other channels, I believe, have something unique to give on occasion. This TV is presently airing a suspense thriller starring the eye-candy trio Sarmad Khoosat, Juggan Kazim, and Saba Qamar, with Rabia Butt as the icing on the cake.”

Gunah’s amazing cast drew notice more than the narrative thus far. Fans praised Khoosat, Qamar, Kazim, and Butt for their outstanding performances. “It’s always a pleasure to see Saba Qamar. Her performance is outstanding. “It’s great to see Rabia Butt in uniform; she looks stunning,” one person said.

Butt, in particular, won critical praise for his portrayal of the tough and contemporary police officer. “Gunah has the sexiest SHO in Rabia Butt, and she means business.” I like how this terrific thriller has a little of fun mixed in with the dismal realism. “The Entertainment Channel raises the bar with this high-quality miniseries,” said a tweet.

Gunah was likened to Farhan Saeed’s Jhok Sarkar by one user. “The same genre, but two completely different flavours.” Gunah – a mix of melodrama, rough-edged reality, and grey-shaded characters – makes Jhok Sarkar look like a pedestrian walk in front of it,” wrote one user, adding that “interesting characterisations, intricate details, and a touch of masala” have helped Gunah stand out from other crime-thriller dramas.

Predictions for the series have flooded social media. Fans have speculated about Gul Meher’s growing friendship with the inspector.

Some believe Khoosat’s character is the sinister mastermind behind his wife’s abrupt disappearance.

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